SU Viewer - Hover or click for description

Here is an example that I created in Photo Shop of what I’m trying to accomplish. Only one product is highlighted in this scene but it would be safe to say that everything else in this image, with the exception of the forklifts, is a product that we engineer and manufacture. The treatment would be the same for everything else in the picture. I have already experimented using the SU Viewer on our large touch screens and it works really well, but… the first thing everyone asks me is, “why can’t I click on the images to see a description.”

I think we are missing your attachment?

Yes, this thread won’t let me paste the image in. Sorry, thought I had deleted this comment. It doesn’t appear the SU will be able to do what I want anyway. The client viewer will be even less capable so I’m looking for another solution.

Thanks everyone for your comments. Here is a link to the image that I was trying to show:

I could use the standard labeling function in SU but since virtually everything in this image is a product that we engineer and manufacture the drawing would be a cluttered mess or floating text that obscures the drawings. That’s why a “click to show” function would be ideal.

Ah, that is not something possible to do.
Perhaps some other people have better ideas for this.

I think you would be better off using Pro, some onClick DC functions and Ruby to turn off all the Tools except for Navigation and DC clicking… [ or tapping ]

As your not modelling you can optimise SU for ease of navigation and only load the minimum required…

even if needed the cost of an additional lic would be less than a Web App of equal potential…

The ‘concept’ I see would be:

have the navigation tools as part of the screen view, like Fredo does in some plugins…

have for a scene animation for those less curious…

when navigating, tap on any item and it’s speech bubble pops up as a Face Me Component

Wait a minute, I think you’re on to something here. I’ll give this a try and hopefully report back with some really cool results.




Thanks for the example. This helps a lot. I think I can figure out how to do that. Another challenge I’m having is controlling the text. I’ve been a graphic designer for over 30 years so I have to keep reminding myself that SU was not intended to work like an Adobe product. I’ll try doing this with the 3D text tool but I don’t have high expectations that a title, two sentences and a hand full of bullet points will come out very legible. I may just have to stick to the name of the product.

By the way, I tried using the Flat Text extension. :thumbsdown: It didn’t work at all like I expected it to and had no control of the text.

Thanks again for your suggestions.

Not having any luck with the 3D text tool since that seems to create the text as a Component by default. I grouped it with the comment box and everything went wonky. Would you suggest that I import the text as a .jpg and stick that on the comment box and then make that a component that faces camera?

I’m also trying to understand how you gave your comment box a red outline. All I get is default black.

I meant to attach the skp, it’s a hack on a hack, but give the basics…
ok_but_crude.skp (225.0 KB)

for the text, I would make it in a vector app [ maybe even LayOut], and save as a pdf or tiff to use as an image in the FaceMe component, I wouldn’t use geometry…

try pasting an image of text on my most text bubble…


Thanks for the sample. When I tried it the comment box I made insists on being upside down. I also see how you created the red outline. Nice trick. I’ll try pasting some vector generated text on your sample in the morning.