I'm looking for a comprehensive tutorial for LEADER TEXT

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What do you want to know. There’s not much to it in SketchUp 2016 Make. Select the tool, click on the thing you want the leader to point to. Click where you want the text to be and type.

You could read here.

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The text tool will give different labels depending upon where you pick on an object. Thru trial and error, I found when picking a component, the label is the name given that component. However, if you want to be more specific, you must first enter “component edit mode”.

Yes. If you want to use the auto text available, you need to set the end of the leader on the entity you’re interested in. Newer versions of SketchUp give a whole lot more information depending on the entity. TBH, I don’t remember when some of these options were added.

If you click on a component or group you will get its name. In order to get other information you have to be working in the same context as the entity. With the group or component open for editing, clicking on a point gives you its coordinates, clicking an edge gives you its length, clicking a faces gives you its area.

Thank you. I can understand complicated stuff; it’s the simple stuff that trips me up.