Text in SketchUp needs to autoupdate upon Entity change

Even for Pro users, it is sometimes handy to use the text facility in SU rather than LO. If you have named a Group or Component, the default text will be its name. That can be very useful. However, I have noticed that if you change the name of the Group/Component in Info dialog, the text on screen does not automatically update. Is there a reason for that or is there a way of doing an automatic update for all such changes?


The ‘Text’ tool just places dump text, not associated to groups and components. It’s just checking what you are pointing at when placing it. That information is used. That’s no help to you. Maybe someone knows of a plugin that loops trough all text to check and update the text for groups and comonents.
In fact it would be a great feature request to make text labels update like dimensions do by using <> as (part of the) text.


I also notice that trying to move the placement of such text after the event is a bit haphazard. It can dart about all over the place.

It should have its own place in Model Info:
Model Info->Labels
Font type and height
Color (background as well)
Option to select all
and update selected Labels (style and naming)

Preferably a customizable text mask, but I would prefer those advanced possibilities handled in LayOut.

As several experienced people here seem to think this is a feature that should exist, should this thread be moved to Feature Requests? Not sure how to do that or if I can.

Yes you can as the topic starter. Edit the topic title and then use the category drop down list to select the FR category. You can Type Fea in the Seach… filter box to shorten the list.

I think it’s there already is it not?

Model Info > Text

It is! That should be for unbound text only then, after all, the label tool is called label…

Edit: I stand corrected, it is called Text in SketchUp… the icon in the resources is called label, though:

tb_label.pdf (5.9 KB)

In LayOut it is, but not in SketchUp as we are discussing here.
In SketchUp they are Text Leaders or Screen Text (traditionally called “Text Callouts”.)

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It would indeed be nice if text anchored to a model entity (i.e. “leader” text) would auto-update the way dimensions do, even if it was necessary to insert a magic string such as <> to make it happen. I have no clue how difficult a change this would be. There is some magic about both this and screen (non-anchored) text to make them face-me.

Often this is due to SketchUp trying to keep the text and leader “well-placed” on the view while handling its face-me. It can rapidly flip it left and right, which is quite annoying!


It is but what puzzles me is that it only happens when moving already placed text. When you first place it there is much less of a problem.