Display quality issues on second monitor

Having multiple problems with the 2022 upgrade, but most prominent is a strange decline in visual quality when working on second monitor from laptop. Pictures attached show the disparity - hopefully obvious which is which. Extremely poor render, jagged lines, anti-aliasing not working? I can drag the SU window back and forth between displays and it will display properly on laptop then reverts on second screen.

Again, everything worked fine with exact same hardware / system setup under SU 2021, and this only started today after upgrading to 2022.

2021 Macbook Pro 16" M1 Pro
Monterey 12.1
32" Viotek display (not sure model, roughly 2015 purchase with HDMI connection and 1900x1280 res)

It looks like you have antialiasing set to 0x. On your internal Retina display you can get away without antialiasing, because the display is 3456x2234, compared to the 32 inch screen that is more than three times the number of pixels showing in a quarter of the area. So, six times the quality difference.

Look in SketchUp Preferences, OpenGL, and see what value you have antialiasing set to, and compare that to the setting in 2021.

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