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There was a time when each new addition to the warehouse was displayed on the warehouse main page, it gave viewers the opportunity to browse without having to do actual searches (I used to spend a fair bit of time just looking at what other modelers had managed to build). Now, the only models I see on that main page are “Staff pick” models. Frequently after uploading a new model, there could be 10-40 downloads in a few days, now it takes months to get those same downloads.
Are manual searches the only way that visitors can see some contents of the warehouse now?

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I’m referring to something that used to be, then changed…I’m trying to find out what happened to the way things were with the warehouse.

They are trying to make it more business friendly, so we can find professional quality models easier and attract more businesses to display their architect appropriate models.

Is that an assumption on your part or did they actually spell that out?
There is a great deal more to the 3DWarehouse than simply business-related models, there always was.
To only make it easier/friendlier for only one group, would seem to be a bit short-sighted, don’t you think?

Having staff pick models on the warehouse main page makes sense, but to ONLY have that category seems backward.

I am assuming they are becoming more business oriented based on the amount of screen real estate devoted to business on the 3DW home page. It’s about getting the right balance, so it is efficient for all.

As a SketchUp Certified Content Developer, I am interested in a business friendly environment on the 3DW (for architects and designers).

I was encouraging them to split 3DW in 2 - business and personal.

Either way, I agree with refreshing images on the home page, possibly 1000’s per month.

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I think the idea of a personal and business side of things has merit.
Those visitors to the site whose sole purpose is business-related aren’t likely to want to sift through tens or hundreds of incorrectly tagged or poorly made models just to satisfy their needs. On the other end of the scale, those who have no interest in the financially-motivated end of things may feel left out in the frozen tundra.

The first page has limited space, and so it is not surprising that decisions are sometimes taken to remove some displayed items to make space for new ones.

If I understand right you miss some model downloads that would occur when the model is displayed in recent uploads (even if only for some minutes). Any link that is visible on the internet will get some clicks by random people for unknown reasons. It does not mean “conversion” in the sense that these random people show permanent interest (become followers, clients).

I think what modelers (like me, or even commercial sellers) actually care about is exposure (findability, and that models are seen and used by people) and recognition for the effort. I do not think (and note hope) the search ranking is skewed by a small number of extra downloads. A model is not only good because of the number of views (because people first have to view it to judge it) but because of the number of responses to the view (keeping the downloaded component after evaluation permanently in a model, likes, sales).

The 3D Warehouse developers have worked a lot on improving findability. The search algorithm gives better matching results, there is automatic categorization and you can (and should) add tags.

For recognition there are currently not that many social features anymore (and it’s unclear how many social features are needed to make it a social network, not to speak of moderation and hatred). You can however share links on any social network, embed the model on your own website or portfolio site or post it in our Gallery of this forum (I made the discourse 3DWH “OneBox” forum feature for this purpose).

Hi coldcanuck and GSTUDIOS and Aerilius,

Thanks for the feedback!

While I can’t talk about specific features we’re working on I can tell you we’re focused on improvements that create a better user experience for everyone, whether they’re professionals or folks who model for fun and fame.

The Categories feature we launched in December was the first step toward addressing the sometimes conflicting needs and desires of our diverse community. There’s much more to come.

Rest assured, we know the diversity of the 3D Warehouse community is what makes it the special place it is. We love to hear your thoughts and comments, so please keep them coming!

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I got curious for a couple of reasons, but what struck me as unusual are the numbers of visits and downloads of the most popular of my models, a simple low-poly door:

When I view the analytics from March 21, 2017. It shows an interesting trend in the numbers of folks even looking/downloading the model…like a switch was pressed.
(sorry, but the image was shoved to the right side of the post below)

When you edit your post, your see something like:

<div data-theme-tiles="1">


You probably clicked the button “Grid Gallery” and it broke the layout. You can remove both <div> tags but leave the image link in between, then the layout should be fixed.

Apologies, it’s been a while since I posted images here.

I don’t get this type of trend:

A simple 41 polygon box meant to look like an 80" TV, and it gets more than 52 thousand views, 39 thousand downloads and 133 likes in a single month…it’s a box with an a screen grab from a movie on the side of it.
I don’t begrudge this person getting whatever he or she does out of the work, by why is there such a wild difference between the TV and the door in my own model?
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It’s probably because the TV model is over-stuffed with tags and your door model is moderate in the use of descriptors. We really should have limited the number of hashtags to prevent “tag spam”, and maybe we’ll revisit that. Search relies on title, description and tag text for indexing, so users only find models that match the terms they search by.

Making sure your models are correctly categorized is another way to get your models found. We added Categories to help users find models even when the model text is unclear, in another language or not there at all. We used AI to add categories but it’s imperfect and will only improve as contributors use them more. I encourage you to try categories out if you haven’t already.

every kid designing there dream room for a school project wants an 80" telly, but few would care what door they use…

even I would miss yours if looking for a ‘six panel traditional wooden door’, because you haven’t described it well enough…


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I’d probably miss your door, too.

I probably would too.
The overwhelming majority of “likes” that my models receive comes from viewers that either can’t or don’t produce their own models.
I LIKE that, there’s a level of satisfaction that I get from knowing that someone is actually playing with one of my models, not just critiquing it.

Besides, my issue is more to do with why there was such a sudden drop off in views let alone likes.
I mean, look at that second image…that doesn’t strike you as a little odd?

Truth be told, there was a time when i did something similar to that TV “owner”, in the space of a month, one of my more realistic models went viral and was getting approx 3-4k downloads a month, I loved it.

BUT, the moment that I started to get complaints about the tags, I addressed that when it became clear that tag abuse was a real issue, I reset the counters on all of my models to zero and went back to being more of a minimalist in my use of descriptors, but it appears that I may have overdone even that.