What happened to index page?

Why aren’t you showing newly uploaded models as before? As of recently I’ve noticed new models are no longer shown on index page. It makes it hard for people to see your newest uploaded models. Also, how does one become one of the editors picks where one can stay on the front page like the others you have there all the time?

Are you referring to the 3D Warehouse?

Yes, I am. :slight_smile:

Then I’ll move it to the correct forum. It doesn’t belong in the Gallery forum.

Now, since this topic has been moved can someone please answer my questions?

Oh, hi. Well, there are a lot of reasons we’ve discussed over the years for doing or not doing this. We’ve been doing this for a while, and decided not to for a bit. People have done 3DWarehouse demos, and we cringe, hoping some prankster high school kid doesn’t upload a poo model, or something worse during the demo. The moderation will take care of these, but not live and instantly.

So it is instant feedback for you, but the rendering of your model (when you see the large thumbnail show up on the model page after you’ve uploaded), is really your badge that “It’s there, in all versions, available for 3D, embedding, download…” You’re welcome to give us reasons it should be back, and we’ll consider it, or something better.

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That’s a good reason, Barry. I wouldn’t want someone’s models showing up unbidden on my screen while demonstrating the 3D Warehouse to my students.

Thank you for taking the time to answer, I really appreciate it. I don’t think it’s fair everyone pays because a prankster may upload an inappropriate model when so many do beautiful work. My other question was, How does someone get to be featured on the index page of the warehouse? You can look up my warehouse, I’ve created beautiful models.

I think the point of the top bar persistent models is to show a variety of subjects, you can see interior and exterior objects, vehicles, furniture and vegetation.

But I do notice that none of the featured models are complete scenes, rather single or small collections of things. Whilst your model skills are great you have framed most of them inside a more complicated scene or landscape. If you look at the warehouse bar all items (with a few small exceptions) are framed by the white default background of SketchUp.

As a web designer too, I gather this has has been done for aesthetic reasons to make the homepage look nicer and more consistent.

Ed: and I think the second bar rotates by category. For me today at least it’s vehicles (inc boats, kayak’s, quad bikes and bicycles). But sometimes it’s something else, I am not sure if it’s based on history if you are signed in, geographic or just randomly selected. I would image for the most part the landing page is mostly curated.

We’ll discuss ways to accomplish both (feature fresh new quality models while not letting it get out of hand). In the interim, I’d encourage people to like models you like, to flag inappropriate content. Also, you can go to the Search page, search for models uploaded in the past week, and order by Likes or Popularity (downloads, views, and other info).

And I’ve forwarded your models on for consideration.

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Barry, OMG… Thank you so much!!! Thanks so much everyone for talking to me. I hope everyone has such a wonderful weekend!!

Hey, if we put it to a vote I’d probably squeeze by with 51% keep talking 49% shut up on the forums, so thanks.

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You’re awesome! Thank you so much!

Don’t believe it @Barry, you are appreciated.

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