Disable the long press left-click when using line tool

I’ve been struggling on my line tool because i cannot draw when i will not long press the left-click on my mouse, can anyone help me to disable this kind of issue ?

What did you do? You must make a single left click to start the line and another one to finish the line.

you mean left click right ? :slight_smile:

preference panel, draw sub panel, on the top there are 3 options.

first will force you to long click and release
second will detect if you’re doing a long click or two small ones
third will force the two small clicks. a long click will count as a single click (and you’ll need a second)

Your profile says you are using the “Free Plan” of SketchUp 2021. Is that a cracked version?

sorry left-click i mean, thank so much for your help. :smiley:

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