Dimensions Not Locking On or Wrong Plane

I am sure it is something I am doing, or have done, wrong, but having completed a drawing I am now trying to add dimensions, before printing out a set of working drawings. Some dimensions I have been able to add, in other areas not, of if I do, they are angled out on a different plane and therefore do not represent the dimension I want. I have tried doing this in 2d plan, front and side views as well as 3d. I want to add the dimensions from edges to edges, not always on end points. Advice please, or point me in the direction of a detailed tutorial.

Also I want to print out in a number of different scales and I have not yet found the function to set this before printing.



Are you using LayOut or just SketchUp?

I am in Sketchup


If you are dimensioing in SketchUp. Orbit the camera so you can make sure the dimensions are snapping to the points you want them to.

As for printing to scale, it can be done from SketchUp but it’s a whole lot easier and more straightforward to use LayOut.

Hi DaveR, I have tried that, but irrespective of the perspective and plan or elevation, there are just some drawings lines it won’t snap on to, event to start the dimension.

How about showing an example SKP file. What kind of lines are they?

stair design V3.skp (863.7 KB)

File attached. I want to be able to dimension the stair treads and heights, the depth of the balcony string, the distance between the wires, the size of the hand rail etc. I’m relatively new to SU, so may not have used the line features correctly.

Your model is far from ready to be dimensioned and used as any sort of accurate drawing for construction.

As far as adding dimensions, and just working in the model in general, you’ll find it much easier if you set the camera to Perspective mode. Save Parallel Projection for image exports and scenes for LayOut.

Many of the end points for edges in the model are buried inside so their endpoints would be difficult to access for dimensioning but you can just click on an edge with the dimension tool and drag out the dimension from there. I did that for the short stringer and the width of the stair tread. For the riser height I used the midpoint inference points.

Thanks for the feedback - I appreciate I still have along way to go. I have tried mid-point to mid-point on the riser, but I cannot get the same dimensions you got. It gives me all sorts of alternative plane dimensions, except you one you have drawn.

Maybe you need to change the angle of view a bit. try a bit more of a side-on view.

You would find it much easier to work with the model if you made components for the pieces you’d need to make. This would keep them separate from each other. Then assign the components to layers (i.e. posts, stringers, decking, stair treads, etc.) then you can turn off layers so you can more easily see the parts you are interested in dimensioning. You’d also be able to make exploded and other views to make visualizing construction easier.

Thanks Dave - steep learning curve.

Yes. It can be. Perhaps I can help you make it shallower. I’ll send you a PM after I get to work.

Thanks Dave.