Dimensions mirror-inverted


In my make program, the dimensions are displayed mirror-inverted at one time. Does anyone know how I can solve the problem? I have no idea how this could suddenly twist at all.


It is a little confusing that your are reporting in [ SketchUp for Web ] category and a your profile say:
License Type: SketchUp Make (desktop)

There is no such an operating system:
Operating System : version 17.0.18898

Would be nice a little more details about your graphic card too…
Graphics Card: GPU

If you are on Mac and SketchUp Make (desktop), and you have external monitor connected, try to disconnect…

Many Thanks!
I will try that.

And then, if I would do everything correctly, can you then help me with my question?

The following action is said to have helped some users:

  • Disconnect the external monitor
  • Revert back to earlier version of OS (not Big Sur)
  • Update to the latest version of the Big Sur

I don’t have a Mac, I’m just quoting what others have written on the forum.

Thank you! I will try.

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