Dimensions reversed

my dimensions are reversing, I’m using Macbook Pro with the latest IOS: Monterey, and An ASUS 32" monitor. Is anyone else having problems like this?

What version of Sketchup? Please complete your profile.

There were reports of this a while back and the problem was traced to graphics drivers.

I am using version 17.1.173 & added a photo to my profile, I tried to add alternate email, and it wouldn’t accept it.

The photo is nice but the SketchUp version isn’t there. Evidently the OS version is incorrect, too.
Screenshot - 12_31_2021 , 3_59_10 PM

Are the dimensions reversed if you are looking at SketchUp on the internal screen?

Keep in mind that SketchUp 2017 does not support the current Mac operating system. It’s entirely possible to have weird things happening.

Does the reversal happen when you run SketchUp on your laptop monitor and not the external one, or disconnect the external monitor? I seem to remember earlier threads about thisissue.

Ok, let me try again: Sketchup version: And Mac version: and monitor: ASUS I hope
this will provide all the data points needed for any advice you can provide me

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I am using Version 17.1.173 & I added my photo

SketchUp 2017 showing dimensions text upside down has been reported a lot of times. I did see it happen with one setup. The common factor seems to be what Dave said, where you are using an external monitor. If you used SketchUp with the internal MacBook Pro screen you may well get dimensions looking correct.

I’m pretty sure nothing will get fixed in SketchUp 2017. I have reported the issue to Apple, in the hope there is something in macOS that can be fixed.

I just joined here to let you know that I’m having this problem too in SketchUp Make on macOs Monterey 12.3.
Is there any solution?
(p.s. I’m using a 27" iMac, so unplugging the monitor is not an option.)

If you read through this thread you’ll see that the issue is due to graphics drivers for some graphics cards. The solution if there ever is one will have to come from Apple. It’s been a long time since it first started happening and it doesn’t appear they’ve created a solution so it’s unlikely that they will.

For your hobby use you might try using SketchUp Free (web) instead of SketchUp Make.

Thanks DaveR for the swift response. Yes I read the thread, but I was just wondering had there been a fix that I was unaware of since the last post here in January.

I guess if there was it would have been in an update from Apple. Is your OS up to date?

Yes, bang up to date DaveR since March 14th, as is my MacBook which displays the same problem, even though it has a different brand graphics card to the iMac. It’s a curious one!
At least it works in the web version, as you say.

I have no way of knowing but I’d guess they won’t be fixing it. Of course who know? They might fix something else that fixes that.

Pretty sure it won’t be fixed on the SketchUp side of things.

Sad that the internal iMac screen shows the problem that only happens with external screens on Mac mini. Not that mini could possibly have an internal screen…

I’m away from home for a few weeks, but do have an iMac M1. When I’m back I will check how 2017 is for me.

Thank you Colin. FYI, out of curiosity, I installed SketchUp Pro 21 and the text is perfect in that version, while still remaining mirrored in the Make 17 version.

Newer version of SketchUp have had this fixed. Since 2017 has not been worked on since… well… 2017, it has not been fixed. This is probably the biggest problem when using old versions of software is that they have no way of changing to work with changes to hardware or OS changes.

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