Dimension Text up side down

How do I fix this ?

When I wish to show the dimensions of an item, these come up side !!!

For me anyway, you would have to explain your problem better. I have no idea what you mean. Maybe an example?

There was an issue where a specific mac version had a fault that caused the text to be inverted.
I don’t use mac.

As Box suggested, there is an issue with SketchUp 2017 when running on M1 Macs to an external monitor. Here is a long discussion about it, and at the bottom someone found a utility that solved the issue:

We are not going to release an update to 2017 to work around the issue, and so far it’s looking like Apple won’t fix it on their side. It may be worth trying the utility as a solution.

Thank you for your reply.

Thank you for your reply. I tried to attach a photo but being new to this forum I could not put the photo on the text box. At any rate, thank you for your comment and fortunately some one already gave me a possible solution.

Thank you Colin for your response. I will look into your suggestion and hope it will fix the problem.