Dimensions are inverted from right to left


Hello everyone, after upgrading the system to MAC BIG SUR, in the model all sizes are displayed from right to left.Who faced it?


many posts about that issue
one of them :

disconnecting external monitor and relaunching sketchup seems to be a fix

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Thanks, but I haven’t external monitor

You can either keep your fingers crossed that Apple fixes the graphics problem or roll back to the previous OS version you were using.

I choose my fingers, so far it has helped))

If you update Sketchup, how do you think it will help?

yes it should. Why don’t you start a free trial to make sure ?

is it possible? I have a pro since 2018

not so sure then. I thought it only affected sketchup make 2017. But you can start a free 2021 trial for sure.
It would be nice to tell us if you still have the problem

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Let’s try it now, thank you!

It has affected other versions including 2021. I think the more of the posts regarding it have come from 2017 Make users because most of those who use Pro don’t use the dimensioning tool in SketchUp.

It has been identified as a Mac graphics problem that seems to have something to do with certain graphics cards and display configurations. It doesn’t seem to affect everyone.

@Ivan5 good luck with SU2021. You might want to go ahead and upgrade anyway.


it works! thank you for support

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One thing to know, the trial you just started ends in mid-April. If you’re enjoying 2021 with its text the right way up, and want to keep using it, you would need to get a subscription. But, as you have a 2018 Pro license you can get a 60% discount, and have the subscription for the first two years for $240 instead of $598. No need to do that now, you could think about it during early April.