Dimensions in Sketch Up

I am trying to create a basic design for a project at my school. However, I am running into trouble with the dimensions the program is using. I am simply trying to create a 100’ by 50’ rectangle but when I enter in those dimensions it makes my rectangle super small. And when I try and manually make it the larger size I want it says the dimensions are in the hundreds of thousands of feet. Does anyone know what the problem is and how I can solve it. I just want the program to interact using basic feet units.

My guess is you just need to zoom in on the object. Just because it appears small, doesn’t mean it is. If Sketchup says it’s 100’ x 50’, it is. Zoom in.

Are you including the ’ when you type the dimensions? Have you measured the rectangle you’ve drawn using the Tape Measure tool? As OMP suggests, maybe you need to zoom in on the rectangle.

How do you have the units set? If you set them to feet, you should be able to simply type values and get that size. If set to anything else, you will need to type the single quote (foot symbol) explicitly after each number.