Why are my measurements MASSIVE?

Hey everyone. I’m new to Sketchup and I am have to learn how to use it for a finals project. I’m simply trying to draw a 3D rectangle that’s maybe 25’ in height and 4’ in depth (relatively small, you get it) and my measurements are coming up in the hundreds of thousands of feet. I’m in feet and inches… I don’t understand how to fix it and it’s driving me crazy! I can’t zoom in any further and when I do my Sketchup starts to glitch. Please help!

The camera is zoomed out too far. Why don’t you start by drawing a rectangle that is 25 feet by 4 feet. Start the rectangle with the Rectangle tool. Enter 25’,4’ and then in the Camera menu, hit Zoom Extents.

I tried doing that and when I type in that number and hit enter nothing appears. And when I try to zoom in and draw anything at all, nothing will work/show up when I draw it. Not even a line or anything. Any ideas?

Hey Dave, I restarted SketchUp and it’s working now. I was doing a tutorial so I think things just got turned around while I was playing with the tools. Thanks for your help!

I’m sure that based on your screen shot from your first post, a 25 foot long rectangle isn’t likely to show. That’s why I told you to use Zoom Extents after you drew it.

So you started with the camera back in the default location for the template you selected and it’s in close enough you can see the rectangle.

Onward and upward.