Dimensions in a group/component - not working in 2024

Hi there. In the 2023 version it was possible to scale a group/component and the dimension inside the group/component would update by itself. This is not the case with 2024.

Anyone who knows a workaround or if it will be patched?

If at some time you have done something with the text (typing a change or something) of the dimension then from that point on the dimension’s text will not be associated with the true length anymore.
You can restore that true value again by replacing it with <>

If you explode the group/component, the dimensions are updated again.
If you use these scaled dimensions in a plugin (like I do), just add the group with the scaled dimension into a new group and explode the original group.

Or, if you enter the group with the scaled dimension, its updated again.

Or, if you save your file, its updated as well. This last one is the most easy solution to this problem - just do a quick cntr-S after you have scaled some dimensions

I need the dimensions inside of the group in Sketchup. I make many 2d lighting designs and use Layout as little as possible. I am using the desktop Pro version.

The issue when exploding the component, it is not automaticly counted for when I make an overall count/legend. If I have several copies of one component, it is not updated when saving/opening it…

It is really a deal breaker (likely only for a few) but still…

Are you doing this in a plugin you wrote yourself? If so, it works for me like this. In my own plugin, I add a component with a 1m long dimension into a dimension group (with many dimensions), the component is scaled and immediately afterwards the component is exploded. This leaves me the right dimensions in the dimension group.

I receive the 2D plans as DWG and add the lighting tracks 1m, 2m, 3m, 4m (in several colours) on top as a layer and a second layer with luminaries.

9 of 10 times the design does not require a 3D drawing so I can make it quite fast this way - I have not found a faster way so far.

When my design contains 20 pcs. of the 3m track, some of them might have to be cut to lenght on-site, meaning I still need it to show up in the components count but the lenght/dimension would be shorter.

Everything is native and never use plugins. I am not sure how to to be honest…
I don’t really understand how you’re getting this to work?

It works for me because I explode the scaled component with the dimension. At that moment, the dimension gets updated

hello, I bumped into this issue too

I often add dimensions into groups to quickly and visually resize them, such as staircases while designing. I noticed that unlike previous versions, dimensions are not live updated in 2024. You have to edit the group or the component to update them.
It can lead to many design mistakes.

2022 behaviour

2024 behaviour

I see that too. I will check if it’s a known issue, and if it isn’t I’ll create a new bug report for it.

Work around for now would be to use the classic graphics engine.

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