The drawing has a different dimension to that of the formula because this is presented

I have a group formed by 2 elements the body and a component inside, when changing its dimension the component does it well but the body does not, it takes different measures because this happens, thanks for your information

Please upload the dynamic component in question, sometimes they can be out of sync, one can scale definition, however really need to see your component to give the right advice.

out of sync which means, unfortunately the file is too big it doesn’t allow it to load

If you force a value or build one component within another with a scaled value,it is possible to get them out of sync, especially groups. You can use the right click menu to “scale definition” this should get them back in sync. If there any groups, they have to be changed to components and “scale definition” for this to work. If you wish to retain the group then you would use “reset scale”, to see original size of the group, make notes of this size, undo the “reset scale”, then set the DC to match this size, then any other component use “scale definition”, if another group, then this has to be redone at scale = 1.