Can any pro help me on this dynamic component?

Hello guys

I have been making dynamic components specifically for the use of ABF plugin. I programed dynamic components with group embedded within. I know it is not ideal but I managed to make most of the them work except for few such as the one attached here.

for some reason P_L wont scale correctly. and P_R worked fine with the same structure.
I have to keep the group embedded in the component no matter what. I tried scale definition and reset scale and also remodeling from ground up.


groups can cause scale problems when out of sync
returned size to match P-L, then redid the groups inside this component
I assume groups so not to be picked in OCL, otherwise components better as can be scaled definition

Thank you so much for response, I am following on the problem of synchronization between embedded group and component. But I dont quite follow how I can keep the P_L always in sync with the groups in it. I see you remade the groups but they actually have their own programing. If I scale P_L, its groups suppose to behave according to its programing and not free transforming.

The problem only occurs to this specific component as you can tell P_R worked fine.

Maybe i dont fully understood you, but based on my further description how do you think I can sync the groups within P_L without removing their attributes

When groups are involved I usually suspect scale out of sync. but this not the case here as the size does not change at all.
So made the geometry another group to isolate the effect and reference the size to the calculated equation
This seems to work as a go around.

I have seen similar effects when using Ruby, but that still needs time to figure, Bug?

I´m not sure what you want to do but I made a dynamic component for you, with copies depending on the cabinet height.
Dynamic Gabinet.skp (411.4 KB)

HAHA nice one, that is basically last resort for me. ABFplug in only helps me to nest sub groups embedded on a main group, that is why I am pushing my luck on my previous build. Thx anyway.

thanks for the help. What i wanted is building a module that contains information of CNC cuttings. Like pilot holes, grooves etc embedded within a component/group which later I can directly explode, convert and nest into CNC nesting DXF file through ABF plugin. Because of the specific nature of this plugin, certain structure has to be built for the program to recognize and nest.

My current model is built based on that principles for later fabrication and machining. It appears that certain unpredictable problem would occur when I program sub groups embedded within a single group. If u scale the model I built in xray, you would see subs groups also being transformed precisely I wanted. The PROBLEM is that some time the main group will always stay the same size while the sub groups moves correctly. Some time it also works, I dont quite understand the logic behind it.