Dimensions changed once Sketchup file was imported into Layout

Hi. Somehow I’ve adjusted something when I imported my sketchup floorplan into Layout and now my dimensions are not accurate. I just added measurements to my floorplan in Layout and they are all incorrect. Any advise? Thanks. -Beth

IDI ASM Assignment.skp (5.9 MB)
IDI ASM Assignment in Layout.layout (5.8 MB)

Your viewport scale doesn’t match your dimension scale.

You can set the dimension scale to automatic and it should pick up the viewport scale.

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Also, your dimensions are assigned to a layer that is shared and will be on every page… so your dimensions will show up when you add pages to your document.

This might be what you want… but it could trip you up later.

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Thank you. I adjusted the viewport to auto scale. The measurements did not change. Do I need to erase them and start new?
Thanks for pointing out I shared the measurements layer.

You should set the viewport to the scale you want to represent the space (usually to fit nicely on the page).

The dimensions should be set to automatic, or, logically they should be set to the same scale as the SketchUp model.

The dimensions should update if you change their scale and leave the viewport as it was.