Dimensions and text not appearing when printing

sketchup make 17.2
text boxes and dimensions don’t appear when printing my drawing?
they also don’t appear if printing to pdf

This is commonly a graphics card issue. What is your graphics card?

How about sharing the SKP file so we can see and try it on another computer?

thanks for the reply
its a dell inspiron 5570 laptop, Intel® HD graphics 620 with shared graphics memoryfloor1.skp (365.8 KB)
phone app I can use to print?

So I would expect the graphics drivers are the problem. Integrated Intel HD graphics are known to be problematic in their support of OpenGL especially with drivers that Microsoft pushes with automatic Windows updates.Integrated graphics aren’t recommended because of this.

Here’s what I get when exporting your file with an Nvidia card.
floor1.pdf (59.0 KB)

Please update your profile with the correct graphics card info. This is often useful information.

ok many thanks for the big effort troubleshoot,
your nividia looks good, what I was expecting
I have another box, an hp, but also an intel hd graphics 4600
will try that one to see if I get lucky, is it possible to run a web
version of sketchup, that I could access from my ups store print
pc, and hopefully it will have a compatible card and thus print
from there?

You might have different results with the Intel HD 4600 or you could see what happens if you update the drivers for the 620 directly from Intel.

If you can access SketchUp Free from the UPS store, you could open the file and that might work. You would need to upload the file to your Trimble Connect account or to the 3D Warehouse so you can open it on their computer.

thanks again for keeping with this,
duh, I’m on the sketchup free online page, and don’t see anywhere
I can open my model from my pc?
this is just to practice for when I would bring the model to the ups store
I’m here
this is my screen, when I click the 3 bars on the left don’t get an option to open my file

ok found it, imported from my pc, edit and saved to a web folder

well I think its saved to a web folder but which one?, I’ve created a web folder but there not seeing where/how I can save the imported model into the created web folder