Dimensions and Auto Scale Confusion

I am trying to the edit the “legs” of the dimension in a Sketchup model. I just want to shorten the leg to clean up the graphical elements, I am not trying to edit the start or end points of the actual dimension. When I edit the leg, Layout changes the dimension string from the Sketchup model to the layout drawing. For instance, if I dimension the length of a partition wall, the dimension string shows 10’-9 1/2", but when I edit the legs, the dimension updates to 5 3/4", the dimension in the Layout. I can’t turn off the Auto Scale button because it is grayed out.

I can’t figure out why the dimension should ever be converted from the Sketchup space to the Layout space.


You cannot change this in SketchUp, only in Layout.

The length does not depend on SketchUp/Layout…

You can have a look at this nice tutorial from Matt: