Dimensioning X axis changes

Hello! I’m new here and can not find any topics about this, so I thought I would post.
I’m trying to do something that is shown in this video Dimensions Deep Dive - Let’s Talk LayOut - YouTube. It’s from seconds 3:41-4:09ish.
What happens is that the presenter drags dimensions from a line, but the dimensions change depending on what axis he puts the dimensions on. This happens in Sketchup, but I can’t get it to happen in LayOut, which means that I can’t edit styles, line leaders etc. When the dimensions are too small, there is no dragging them around to add leaders.
Does anyone have experience with this? Or a good work around other than manually typing them in?
Thank you!

Oh, and I’m on a PC using version 2021 (I believe the most updated), I realize the video is from a Mac, so that might be where the issue lies.

It would be helpful to see your LayOut file. Can you share it?

layout.layout (10.9 MB)
Here is the layout file.

Thank you!

You need to create a scene in SketchUp with the Camera set to Parallel Projection AND you need to select a Standard view. In this case the Top view. Then the dimensions will work as you want.

You should not use Last saved SketchUp view as the scene in your LayOut file unless you have no intention of ever going back to the model to make updates. And it’s best if you don’t modify the Camera properties in LayOut.

FWIW, I fixed incorrect tag usage in your SketchUp model…

And purged unused stuff which reduced the file size by about 42%.

Keep an eye on stray geometry, too. There’s some little stuff a long way from the rest of the model. Shown selected on the right.

There are a lot of reversed faces in your model that ought to be corrected.

Thanks DaveR. I had tried that unsuccessfully before (I had read that in another post) but the views pop off of standard view pretty quickly when you’re navigating around, so I realized if you make sure to change it right before doing the dimensions it works.

If you create a scene as you should be doing in SketchUp using Parallel Projection and the standard view, you can orbit around as much as you likewithout causing any problems. And then use that scene for the viewport in LayOut.