Dimension tool (interval of 1 mm)


I am a bit confused as to why the measure tool gives conflicting information depending on where the third click is placed - in the normal sequence of the tool to measure - (either above the line (gives 19.6mm) or below the line (gives 19.5)).

Thought at first this is normal as 1mm is used for the thickness of the lines / square / whatever is drawn in the model. Then no it doesn’t makes sense.

When Zooming out a little in the model the dimensions on the left hand side don’t have this behaviour. I would be real grateful of any help please. :wink:

The skp is attached here: hubiC - OVH

And an image to illustrate the problem:

I see what you mean.
The thing is that the “wall” is a tiny-tiny bit off aces. And Dimension Tool will let you chose the dimension along main axes or the one perpendicular to the line. And since the precise measure is 19,055,… well better see below :slight_smile:


Thank you Piil60. This was driving me crazy, now I understand. I do thank you for your help. Very much so ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :smiley:

Thank you too! My pleasure :smile:
Kind of know that “desperate” feeling :wink:
Nice kitchen BTW!

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Cheers Piil60 :wink: !

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The thickness of Edges and Faces is zero.
I notice Length Snapping is enabled.
Generally it’s best to disable it.
It might be wise to update your template to preserve the setting.

Yes, and such tiny errors are hard to see.
By default the Text Tool displays endpoint coordinates.
While cumbersome, it provides a means of investigating the model.
Query Tool provides a far more efficient means of interrogation.

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The Query Tool is so recommendable as you say, @Geo*

Also the Protractor (or alt. Rotate ) very useful and sensitive when dealing with faces.(showing red, green or blue, or black when off the planes)
(Black protractor)

(Blue protractor)

And Geo, thanks for all I learned from you!

Thanks @Piil60

Tool orientation/color and edge color by axes are useful for finding off-axes geometry.
Unfortunately neither one is sensitive enough to detect minute errors that can still cause faces to fail.
It’s a shame users have to go rummaging about in the Extension Warehouse for the Query tool that was, until recently, a standard part of SU.

Thanks @Geo and to you both, :smile: I learned a lot.