Dimension Text Background Color Problem

Some of the text in dimensions in my Layouts appeared with a red background. How do I change this?

I’m using the latest version (23.1.340) of Layouts in Windows 11.

Joglo Chakar Ayam Lantai.layout (1.6 MB)

The red indicates that those dimensions are disconnected from the model. Select them, right click on one and choose Reconnect.

If some of them are still red after reconnecting you must make double click on the ones that aren’t connected and move the red dots to the right place of the viewport, sometimes they´re on the right place but still red, you must just move it and put it on the same place.

Wow! it worked. Thanks so much guys for your help.

While I have you your attention here, please help me with one more thing: when I add a new text (dimensions, labels or plain text) the program chooses Georgia as default font. I don’t want this. I was trying to set a Monsterrat as my default font in many different ways, but cannot succeed. Please help. Thank you in advance.

Select the Text tool, Label tool, or Dimension tool, and in Text Style in the tray on the right set the font you want. Do it for each since they can each use a different font.

It worked for this document Dave, thank you.
But when I create a new document, the program still chooses Georgia font, I don’t like when program is telling me which font to use. Can I set my desired font once and for all?

You need to make a template. Get your page size, dimensions, text, etc. all how you want it on a sheet and then ‘Save as Template…’.

If you get smart about it you can include titleblock, auto page numbers, etc etc.

Then when you make a new drawing you can simply start with a template of all your favorite things.

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Thanks, Mike, I will try that.