Layout Dimensional Text Background Size


Does anyone know a way to adjust the size of the background fill box when dimensioning? The fill background always seems too long and overlaps the adjacent dimension. Any suggestions? Thank you.


I run into the same issue frequently. Currently the only option is to explode the dimension. Then you can resize the text box to some degree. For me there’s often still too much padding but it is better.


I never thought about exploding it. I really don’t like to do that, but you’re right, it works. Hopefully they can improve this and make the text box tighter. Thanks for the response.


I don’t like to do it either and I hope they manage some sort of improvements. As I understand it, the challenge is that the amount of padding around the text is dependent on the font size and the space around the glyphs provided by the font itself It seems like that padding isn’t directly proportional to the size of the font, either.

Keep your fingers crossed for LO2016. :wink:


Still having the same problem now in '17 hahaha!
Have you all found a solution other than exploding?


The padding hasn’t changed much with LO2017. The problem is, different font glyphs use the space differently so for some the padding looks normal while for others, it’s enormous. And the font size affects the appearance of the padding. I know they are working on handling it better so we just need to be patient.


I spent about a week working on this last cycle, and was even rash enough to promise Dave that I’d get it done… then I had a bunch of problems getting it done right on Windows and ran out of time. It’s still on my personal top-ten list.



Oh god. I have been trying to figure this out for years. I, too, after having worked on this frustrating situation way too long, found like you guys, the only solution is to blow up the dimension, which does nothing to improve the situation, except to make one dimension look acceptable. The distance of the dimension number from the dimension line is huge and can be very confusing to read, often. Plus it looks lame and unlovely. THANKS for the font glyph info, so very appreciated! Now I’m off to change the font of my dimension numbers even though I’d prefer them to stay in Graphite Standard. If there’s the slightest chance of getting those numbers closer to the dim line even with a different font, I am all over it!