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Hi all,
Newbie user to SU Make, so far I like it. Works well, few minor annoyances but nothing I can’t live with.
I drew a corner bench for my dining
room. The actual seat part overhangs the sides 3/4" and also has a radiused top edge so it doesn’t dig into the back side of your legs.
My question, two actually. When I attempt to dimension the vertical height to the top of the seat from the floor and the width of the seat in reference to the wall it’s sitting against I have a hard time getting the measurements to lie parallel.
The first dim I have no problem selecting the back top corner of the seat as it’s a sharp corner, the front radiused edge is the one giving me a problem. Currently I draw acoupleof lines to create an intersection over the rounded edge and use that for the second point.
The second one has the same problem on the radiused edge which I work around but when I click on the bottom corner the dim lines are angled as the bottom corner is inset from both directions by 3/4".
Hope this makes sense :-)…mike

As a new user spend time at these two sites, very good info:
The Learning Center
The SketchUp You Tube Channel
Both are sponsored by the SketchUp Crew and well worth the time spent there. Pay attention to the Square One series.

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Sometimes it helps to orbit to another view to get the dimensions to snap to the right angle…

When dimensioning curves, it can be helpful to turn on View/Hidden Geometry so you can see the edges that actually define the curves.

It would be helpful to see your SketchUp model file.

Thanks for the replies guys. Attached is the drawing I was referring to. In the front right corner the dimension that is 17-17/64 is one of the dimensions I was referring to.
I’ve been watching videos all along :slight_smile: got 'em all book marked LOL
Dining Room Corner Bench for forum.skp (8.3 MB)

When you drag out the dimensions make sure you have an on-axis indication. Yours show you are dragging out parallel to the angle line. You can see that as orbit.


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OK, thanks for the reply Dave. It’s something I’m going to have to watch…MIke

Notice the subtle colour change between red/On Axis, and magenta/Parallel or normal to…, not quite on axis in Dave’s example.

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Yup, once it’s pointed out… it’s not very obvious, wouldn’t have noticed it unless it was pointed out. Having old eyes doesn’t help matters neither LOL.
I was looking for a way to make the axis lines a bit more obvious for the same reason but apparently it’s not possible…MIke

You can change the colours to something that works better for you in preferences.

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Thanks for the reply, I had noticed that and was going to change it but then I thought whenever I was watching tutorials or posting on this forum and had to reference the axis I’d have to remember what the color was supposed to be…Mike

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