Garden Corner Seat Plans

Hi Guys,

I’m new to SketchUp and I’ve only just joined the forum, so please bear with me and hopefully I’ve posted in the correct place, but please advise if there’s something wrong.

I’m trying to design a Corner Seat for my garden, and although it seems simple I’m struggling with it and cant add pages for Materials and Cut Sheet etc.

With this in mind, has anyone seen something similar to the attached image below or maybe have a similar design that I can look at and learn from with how to get all the correct dimensions and scaling etc.especially with the angle of the back supports too.

Any help and advice would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks

Generally you would do a 3D model of the project in SketchUp. There are extensions that can quickly generate a cutlist from the model and provide you with the dimensions of the components. Each board you’d use in the project would be a made as a component in the model. Since there’s a lot of parts that have the same dimensions, you can model one and copy it as many times as you need.

There isn’t any facility in SketchUp for adding pages but you can do that in LayOut. There you can add views of your SketchUp model and your cutlist along with dimensions, photos, other text, etc. to complete your plan.

You might want to start here:

If you send me a PM with some details about this seating structure, I can give you some ideas of how to get it going.

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I roughed out a model of your seating to show the basics of modeling something like this. It is very rough and doesn’t include the internal framework that would be required. Dimensions may not be exact, either.

I sent the .skp file in a DM. Click on the T in the brown circle at the top right of the forum page to get to it.


Hi Dave,

This design is amazing and I’m going to try to add some sort of frame but how do I change the dimensions of your design, I cant find out how to change the length of one board ?


You would need to open the component for editing. Double click on the component with the Select tool. Then you can make modifications to it.

It would be worth your time to go through the SketchUp Fundamentals before you tackle this.