Modelling of a "flower" seat

Hi there!

I’ve got this image modelled in other software and began to wonder how would I model this flower-seat shape in SketchUp ?
Any ideas :slight_smile:?

Pictures a little dark to see the details well… but it looks like Fredo6’s Bezierspline plugin would get you the shapes for the top and base. Push pull to desired thickness - height and finish by rounding corners with Fredo’s Round corner plugin.

Should have asked what software you modeled it in , can the model be imported into SketchUp ? If not can you save “plan views” of the base and top in a format that can be imported into SketchUp so you have an image to draw the shapes from ?

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Hi tuna1957,

Thank you for your reply!
I only have this image unfortunately as it was modelled in 3dsmax long time ago by someone else.
I don’t need to model it right now but I began to wonder how would I get to a shape like that (pleated circular shape, folded in half).
I made the image little brighter.

I’d have a look at Curviloft by Fredo6.


Hi Box,
That’s super. Thank you!
How did you draw the lines?

With the freehand tool and the arc tool.

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Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Ignore my earlier post… thought you were referring to modeling the table… me bad … went temporarily brain dead… Box is spot on with his advice…

Ha ha. No worries :slight_smile: Thanks for looking at my post :slight_smile: