I need help with obtaining a cut list from a downloaded Sketchup file for a Memorial Bench for nephew

Hello! I have never used Sketchup but am trying to build a memorial bench for my sister who just lost her son. I found the .skp file as a free download from Trevor’s Workshop but have no clue how to obtain a cut list. I have spent several hours trying to figure it out. Can someone help me get a cut list using the attached file? Thanks so much!!
garden_bench.skp (281.6 KB)

My condolences for your loss.

Here you go. It’s a CSV file that you can open in Excel or other spreadsheet application. It’s unfortunate that the author of the model created it as they did. The cutlist will be difficult to use as is. You’ll have to interrogate the model to figure out what the different parts are. If I get time later I’ll go through the model and clean it up.
garden_bench_CutList.zip (805 Bytes)

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Thank you so much, Dave. I am grateful beyond words.

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You’re quite welcome. If you can hold off getting started on it, that’ll give me a chance to repair it and make it easier to work with. There seem to be a number of weird dimensions.

I will certainly hold off. Thank you for your willingness to help!!

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Questions for you: Will this bench be used outdoors? What do you have in the way of tools and skills?

The lower backrest rail in the original design will trap rain water which the backrest slats will absorb and likely rot.

The bench will be constructed of cedar used outdoors. I am fairly handy and have built a number of item but never a bench. I have a compound miter saw, table saw, and router that I was planning to use for the build. I do not have a bandsaw but hope to find someone who does. I am friends with a cabinet maker that may have one or know someone who does.

I see what you mean about the lower back rest. I will have to think about an alternate build method. Do you have any thoughts?

I am in awe of your voluntary insight on this. Your help is very much appreciated. I told my sister about you and she said “there are angels among us”. I couldn’t agree more.

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I think you should be able to manage most of this with the tools you have. You could leave the end posts on the backrest squared off and just run a roundover bit in your router to clean ease the edges. One the ends a very careful climb cut would be in order to prevent tearout.

I took the liberty of modifying the lower backrest rail and the slats so water won’t get trapped. Take a look and see what you think of that.

Here is a revised model. All of the parts are now components with names. I fixed the goofy dimensions. The only “approximate” dimensions are the lengths of the rear legs and the lower side rails due to the angles. Plan to cut them long and trim to fit. The zip file includes the revised model and cutlist.
Garden Bench.zip (65.0 KB)

Please tell your sister I’m happy to help. And I’m blushing.

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Wait! I missed a small detail. I moved the rear seat rail back so it’s entirely under the rear seat slat. This eliminates another place where water would get trapped. The only dimension it affects is the length of the slat supports. They are now 15-1/2 in. long instead of 14-1/2 in.

Here’s the revised .skp file.
Garden Bench dr.skp (60.2 KB)


Thank you, Dave!!

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