Urgent help needed making cutting list from shape

Hi, need some help making a cutting list from this sketchup file. I have 3 large pentagonal shapes with chamfered edges. each side is made out of a different sized ply as you can see in the cross section scenes. Really struggling, been working on it all day and keep getting it all wrong when working out the angles and the different sizes of panels needed for CNC-ing meant to be done by tomorrow to starting to panic :sob: was meant to be finished at 3pm and still so confused by it all, can anyone help me?

centre piece.skp (718.0 KB)

I didn’t understand the desired result, but if you need to get angular dimensions like these:

you can have a look at the angular dimension 2 plugin.

Hey, thanks so much, basically i need a cutting list for edges of each shape and the ribs for the inside of it, mad eof different sized ply, just struggling pulling a cutting list from the shape and was wondering if there is a quick way of hollowing the structure or splitting it

Sounds like an application for this plugin?