Dimension lines in white, not black


I posted this as a question on Friday’s (4/29/2022) webinar. My dimension lines in this model show up in white, but the rest of my models they’re black.

Feel like I’m missing something pretty basic, but I can’t find anywhere to change it.

Thanks in advance, shout out to the iPad team, it’s awesome!
Garage Mud Room 2.skp (75.6 KB)


Yup. Color by Tag. @dezmo for the win!

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Thank you! As (fairly) new user I had no idea that was there or how I could turned that on to begin with.

Thanks again for the quick response.


The default color of white for untagged strikes me as pretty useless unless you use a dark background. I usually change it to something else.

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Couldn’t agree more @slbaumgartner , in fact I don’t see why guides should change colour at all when using color by tag as it effectively renders them useless when used within a tag. They take on the same color as the geometry and become invisible.

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Furthermore, with edges, their default behavior (all colored the same) overrides color by tag. Why don’t dimensions and guides behave the same way?

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This bug/feature was discussed previously here https://forums.sketchup.com/t/guidelines-in-colour-by-tag-mode-pro-2022/193809 and here. https://forums.sketchup.com/t/color-by-tag-guides-disappear/153569