Turning on tag colors won't change drawing or come on stays black

Using SU 2021 on my Mac and importing DWG plan and elevation files all with colours and I cannot turn on the tag colors inside SO model, drawings stay black. Any clues or have I not got tag colors tagged properly?

styles> edit> edge> color> by matrial

Why is that so easy and yet not documented when searching tags and colors. :star_struck: Thanks!

Because technically that is not how sketchup is ‘formatted’, sketchup tags are for groups, components, dimensions etc and not normally assigned to raw geometry. You have imported a DWG which has used ‘layers’ and assigned colours to those layers of raw geometry and those layers are being interpreted as Tags, which is technically not the best way to work with Tags.

So, as your model is now I’m going to guess that having turned on colour by material, changing the colour by Tag will make no difference.