Color by Tag, guides disappear

Bug or feature ?

Construction lines, and leaders don’t show up in scenes set to "Color By Tag, unless “Untagged” is set to a color. I guess they should also be visible with tag color “Untagged” not set, so by default material.

Setting a plan view to “Color by Tag” is very useful to me, I can view it as a colouring scheme for things “symbol color”, so that ie. the stairs is white in plan view no matter the color it has in perspective illustrations. But I would rather that any untagged objects don’t need a dark face color in order for guides and leaders to be visible.

After all, its not like untagged geometry will not show up in scenes set to color by tag if Tag color is set to default, so this seems a bit inconsistent.

So to say what I found: It seems that if you choose default material for the tag you actually get white, and that construction lines uses the face color for the tag, and is not controlled by Line property “All same”

Oh well, so maybe its a feature, you can get to have red construction lines if you want :slight_smile:

Maybe in the color by tag scheme there is no logical place for “default color” as in no color at all.

And Color by Tag is very useful for actually spotting untagged geometry, so I withdraw the bug claim, without deleting the post, as I think this is all very interesting and cool.

I guess I did set untagged to white myself though, when thinking I set it to default color

You can assign guides to a tag or tags and they will follow the colour of that tag.

right. I never thought of them as actual objects in that sense. Thanks.

I once asked that the team would consider a tick box for overriding guides color in those situations. My Tags also disappear a lot of times while using color by tag, as when I’m drawing inside a component/group that has a tag, guides disappear against it’s faces.

Tags are temporary geometry, I would have this not as a bug, but as a feature request:

Allow Guides Color to Override Tags Color with a Tick Box

I agree. I definitely don’t want to be assigning my guides to a tag, like how it usually works except with colour by tag, I make the guide and I can see it, I’m not trying to set tags up for it, although that’s a workaround solution, not how it should be in my opinion. I hope sketchup can get this fixed as I’m running into this problem now. I’m in a structural view scene and I want to work in this scene with colour by tag where columns and beams are shown in red for clarity while working and I can’t because I can’t see my guides. I tried changing my untagged to black and it only worked temporarily for some reason… Please fix this, this year too even? Thanks.