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How to set a dimension measurement that is close together so I can see the measurement number?
Like this >I I< 3" Not this <3"> because the number mixes in with the arrow markers with the latter one. Thank you, all. Keith

In SketchUp right click on the dimension and choose Text Position> and select the side you want the dimension on. Better to do dimensioning in LayOut where you can also choose to have the dimension positioned elsewhere with a leader.

I will try Dave, Thank you.

In SketchUp:
In LayOut:
If the dimension is too short to fit between the extension lines the leader will be created automatically.

Little bit of a problem already. I don’t see “Text Position” when right clicking on dimension. Also wondering since I have a lot of scaled out dimensions already, do I have to start over in a new layout screen; as you mentioned " Dimensioning is better in Layout" Thank you again.

The leader is not occurring automatic with me. I’m scaling a lot size 60’,180’ with a 3 ’ setback. The 3’ set back dimension is what is mixing in with the numbers.

Where are you working? In SketchUp or in LayOut? Where is the dimension inserted? SketchUp or LayOut?

I’m not sure how to answer this. You posted in the SketchUp Pro category so I thought you were referring to dimensions in SketchUp. Are you working in LayOut?

Share the relevant file so I can see what you are working with.

That’s another thing I still have to learn is sharing a screen. Nevertheless, I just tried to find “Text Position” and can’t find it anywhere. I’m using Sketchup pro 2022.

I’m not asking you to share the screen. I’m asking you to share the actual file.

You still haven’t identified which application you’re working in (SketchUp or LayOut) or where the dimension actually is. Text Position is in SketchUp. If you are working in LayOut you won’t find it. If the dimension is in SketchUp but you are working in LayOut, you can’t modify the dimension.

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