Dimension don't show true length

I have a problem with LO fixing the dimension text to the shortest distance.
At the top of the screen shot the “5623” dimension is creating using the exactly the same points

Likewise the dimensions on the red line (created in LO) are created using just two points - but show the true length.

Why won’t the dimension on the sketch view port automatically change to the true length…? Can some help me?

All the sketch up models are 2d drawings.

Hello. Sadly, I think you’ve come across this: Dimension Scale Bug in LayOut 2016. It’s not fixed yet. The only workaround is to edit the dimension text and type the lengths manually, until it’s fixed in a future maintenance release.


Out of desperation I have managed to work around this by copying and pasting my entire model into a new SU file and now it works fine!

Further to this is tried insert a couple of older sketchup versions into layout (2014,2015,2016). The only one that gave problems was the 2014…?!