Dimension changes when I move the dimension

Hi guys,

I would like to move a bunch of dimensions in a few centermetres. However, whenever I move it, the dimension changes from the existing measurement.

Is there a way around this?



You need to move the dimension line, not the entire dimension. Make sure you have the double-headed arrow icon not the Move tool.

Does this mean I can not move multiple dimension lines at once?

No. Select all of the ones you want to move and look for the same icon as I showed above.

Great, thanks Dave.

Just one more thing…

When I adjust these lines the bars are reversed- can they be ajusted alltogether?

Bars? Do you mean the extension lines? It looks like you should have adjusted them before you placed all of them. You can edit one dimension by double click on it until you can select one extension line and adjust the end nearest the model. Repeat for the other extension line. Then get the eye dropper tool, sample the edited dimension and apply the changes to the others.


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Yes sorry, my question should have been- is there a way to adjust multiple dimension’s extension lines at once. It is quite a time consuming process when you have a large number of dimensions all needing shorter extension lines.

As I wrote before, edit one dimension to set it up as you want. then use the eye dropper to sample that edited dimension and finally apply the changes to the other dimensions. It’s best to set up the dimensions correctly before you start inserting them but you can change them after the fact.

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