Move Dimension Endpoint - SketchUP

This question pertains to a dimension line, drawn by the Dimension Tool. I’ve searched for this answer in many different ways and can’t find a definitive yes or no about the capability.

Is it possible to change one endpoint of a dimension after setting the dimension? Specifically, I want to select one endpoint of an existing dimension line and reconnect it to another point. In my work, this happens frequently when I’m designing layouts and moving furniture or machines within a space. I need to see clearance between walls and objects in the space and the dimensions are thrown off if I change an object’s orientation in the space. I would prefer not to delete and redo the dimension. Ideally, I could grab one endpoint and reconnect to the desired point on my object.

It can be done in LayOut but not in SketchUp.

It would be a bit of fuss but you could place crossing guidelines and dimension to their intersections. Moving one guideline would move the associated extension line from the dimension.

If the dimension is connected to say a point on the wall and a point on the machine or furniture, the dimension and the extension line should move when you move the machine or furniture.

I think you’ll have to be more specific with one or two examples to see what is needed in your situation. Normally you can’t just switch endpoints of what a dimension is tied to. But there are some step by step options to achieve the “replacement” of an endpoint by another.

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