Dialog Window Text too big to fit?

Hello, I have been having a problem for a while now, and was curious if there are any solutions? … When I (For Example) open up the (1) - Styled drop down list, or (2) look at the main screen Layer Radio button… the text is so big it clips off the bottom 25% and the end 50% of the text, making it difficult to use? Is there some toggle somewhere I need to turn on to fix this?
Thanks, Mattee

I can manipulate text, I have had to hand draw most of the 24 bit Icons at 64 and replace them one by one on the various tool bars, that works. But maybe I should increase the dialog box size instead the text? It’s almost too small to read now, decreasing it more will not help. Besides the “Layers” Radio button is only 1/4 of an inch wide… So I can only see the first 7 or 8 letters of any layer name. In addition to the clipping off of the top and bottom 25% of the letters of all layers in the drop down!

Can you post a screenshot of the problem?

This feels like a bug which has its origins sitting outside of SU.

Have you gone through any basic reset options… just in an attempt to jolt something that has gone astray.

Something like changing your monitors resolution to a different setting, and running SU briefly under that to see if the issue still exists. And subsequently if it still occurs when you change back again to what you have now.

I can’t ever recall seeing it reported in SU. So unfortunately I’m at a complete loss in being able to point to well known solutions here.

Sounds like you have your system text scaling set above 150%.
If so, set it to a maximum 150%, restart SU and check if it fixes your problem.

I think it’s because my native screen resolution is higher then “Normal”… So everything scales down accordingly. But all the native Skethup buttons scale up as expected, (But I do have to replace ALL the 3RD party Ruby toolbar Icions…one at a time with a 64x64 image in place of the 24x24 icons), the normal pull down string from the above text headers is fine. It seems like the Toolbar pull down “window” is only the width of 2 icons buttons above it. Replacing icons is pretty simple stuff, I think if is was to attempt to “fix” the “Layers” pull down set I will REALLY mess things up, so not really comfortable fixing that! Besides that’s probably embedded deep in the belly of the beast somewhere?

If you’re working with state of the art in terms of monitor resolution… then that could be it.

I can remember when I bought into the Mac Retina stuff, back when it first came out. While it was a very flattering monitor to view vector graphics on—at the same time it was also equally frustrating in that so many of the programs which I heavily used, had not yet updated their icons and menus to properly compensate for the higher resolution.

And of course by the time all of them finally did catch up… that same computer I was using (which I still basically have) could no longer be considered the top end for high resolution monitors.

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