Diagonal Dimension Same as Ortho - Big Problem?


Hey all, First post. I just realized that my dimensions are reading the same whether they are diagonal or horizontal. I think Mr. Pythagoras would have a fit. What’s going on? I am using Skalp… but not in the view shown. This is a big issue, any help is appreciated.


Never believe in things not done by yourself.
Give SketchUp a second chance, delete the wrong ones and try again.


Thanks for the reply. I have found that this works in some view and not others. I am thinking maybe my view plane is off axis just a little. …And with a little testing, that’s what it was. Sketchup is on it’s fourth or fifth chance with me, and I am determined to make it work.

Take away for other viewers:
If dimensions are counterintuitive make sure the view is on axis