DevCamp 2019

Any news on a DevCamp for 2019?

Is that separate from Base Camp?

Well it was in Portugal, Greece, Italy and England.

the 2018 DevCamp was run at BaseCamp in Palm Springs, but there have been others in non BC years…

I assume, the aim is to help invited extension developers prepare for the next release…

the question is unlikely to garner an official response in the open forum…



There hasn’t been a release since the BaseCamp DevCamp, so I would wait for that to happen, before preparations can start for the next but one.

Chris Fullmer replied to me on the when and where DevCamp 2019 will be…

I’m trying to work out these details right now. We’re looking at the end of September into October time frame. And its about 90% chance it will be in Leeds again.


Budapest would have been nice:

Networking with resellers was a very important part of devcamp, prior to 2017.


I vote for Lund, the second most charming town in Sweden :smiley: . Leeds also works though. As long as there is a devcamp I am super happy!


I also vote for Lund – Sweden’s second most charming city.

Lund is just a 37 minute-trainride from Copenhagen international airport.

If Trimble makes Devcamp 2019 happen in Lund, Holygon shall offer Chris Fullmer et consortes a local guided tour.


And it’s not on an island!

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And it will stay in the EU :stuck_out_tongue:

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It probably will be leads because there is a Trimble office which makes it cheaper. A lot of money for resellers but no money for developers :frowning:
But like Thomas said combining it with BizCamp is much more interesting to make contacts to sell our extensions.


At Tekla I guess, in Leeds.

We have also have to pay for the flight and accomodation😃

@ChrisFullmer @thomthom any more news on this? I am making my agenda for Q4…

For anyone subscribed to this post, in case you missed it, I did make a formal announcement yesterday here:

DevCamp is a Go!