DevCamp 2017 Announcement - October in Leeds, UK

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let all the developers know that we’ve got a conference for SketchUp developers coming up in October in Leeds, England. We sent out an email on Friday and hopefully everyone got it. But if you didn’t get it and you’re interested, check out the event website. Registration is open and space is fairly limited.

DevCamp 2017
Leeds, England
October 18-20


Chris Fullmer
SketchUp Extensibility
Product Mananger


If you send me the revenue for my last 5 months of plugin sales I could actually afford going! :smiley:

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Uh oh, sounds like we’ve got a problem! I’ll look into this right now. We really want you there!



Btw, I didn’t get an email either. Was it just the same link as shown here or did it say anything else?

That’s interesting. I’ve heard from three different people now that they did get the survey, but did not get the final announcement. I’ll ask our marketing department if the list changed somehow.


Survey? :open_mouth: Was that recently? I can’t remember it (but my memory is known to be buggy).

Chris, I got the survey, but the registration was sent to junk mail…

possibly due to sender being ‘’…


Hi Chris,
I registered :slight_smile:
There will be an official confirmation email or I can book the flight/hotel now?


I just registered. The form however said you should register ASAP because space is limited. Will I get a confirmation of my registration before I book a hotel and a flight?

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Christina, you are good to go! :smiley:
Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Yay! Looking forward yo see you too!

How are people traveling between the airport and hotel? There’s a bus stop right outside of the hotel but if I wouldn’t mind sharing a ride with other participants either. I arrive 2017-10-17 17:30 at LBA and depart 2017-10-21 09:20.

I’ll be taking a taxi. I also arrive on the 17th, but a few hours before you. On my way my flight depart 10:20 on Saturday. Not sure how early you are planning to be for your flight?

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I think you are a more frequent flyer than I am. How early is reasonable? An hour?

It would be really nice to share a cab!

We can talk about the return while in Leeds. I don’t know how long it takes to travel between hotel and airport.

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