DevCamp 2019 - Save the Date and Registration

Hello SketchUp Developer Community,

I have official news regarding DevCamp 2019 - Lets Do it!

DevCamp is the annual meeting of people who use the SketchUp APIs to make extension and importers and exporters (SketchUp Developers) and the people who make SketchUp, LayOut, SketchUp and LayOut APIs, Extension Warehouse, etc. (The SketchUp Team). We get together to talk about Extensions, the APIs, wild and crazy extension ideas, life, and Politics. Lots and lots of Politics.

Hehe, ok I’m just kidding about the politics. DevCamp is a politic-free zone. But we do spend a lot of time together in sessions learning about upcoming API features, good development practices, UI/UX ideas, tools that are available to help you be more productive, and so on.

Anyone is welcome to attend, but it is typically geared towards developers of extensions or Importer/Exporter developers. Some sessions are technical dives into code, while others might be less technical and more geared towards marketing or user workflow strategies.

Here are the details regarding location and date:

When: October 16,17,18
Cost: Free of charge. (Travel, hotel and food are up to you. We do provide 2 lunches and one dinner.)
Where: Leeds, UK
Trimble Solutions (UK) Ltd. Trimble House
Gelderd Road, Morley
Leeds LS27 7JP, United Kingdom

Please register for the event, the sooner the better! (or you risk not getting a T-Shirt and Badge).

Registration Form

If you are part of a group that will be sending multiple individuals, please have each person register separately. We use this registration form to get a complete count of attendees to buy T-Shirts, plan meals (we provide 2 lunches and one dinner), print name badges, etc.

We hope to see you in Leeds!

Chris Fullmer and the Extensibility Team


Enjoy Leeds it’s a fun town!


Looking forward for the newest edition t-shirt :smiley:


Again, I’m a bit disappointed that it’s not at the same place as BizCamp, as networking with resellers could have been a big part for us. But still I’m looking forward to it!


Do you want me to bring some belgian beer again? Not as good as meeting resellers, but it’ll ease the pain lol

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Do you really need an answer? :smiley:

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Hahaha. Not really.
Looking forward seeing you again.

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I’m happy with Belgian chocolate :smiley: !


Hahahaha. Deal.

I think it would be worth attending for most developers. Does anyone have any suggestions for hunting down cheap air fare from the US to Leeds?

I’ve only flown to the UK twice (for work), but not on my own dime, this will be interesting.

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I just checked from the SF Bay Area. Cheapest were itineraries with many plane changes (Delta and partners - 4 separate flights, 3 connections) - Just under $700 round drip. Most expensive were itineraries with only 1 change (BA, Aer Lingus) Over $1,600 round trip.

This was a very quick check on Travelocity. Your mileage may vary.

@ChrisFullmer, are there any emails sent out about this? I’m thinking about developers not active in the forum.

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I have not sent an email yet.

I’d like to get the website up again so I can link to it in the email. I’ll be sending the email to everyone that is published on Extension Warehouse and everyone in the Developer Preview program. That should cover most active, interested developers I think. (Getting the website up took significantly longer than expected!).


I’d love to see you out there @medeek! I feel like I have not really ever had a chance to sit and talk with you. I’d love to learn more about what you’re working on.


Oh and regarding US to Leeds flights; Denver to Leeds shows quit a few flights in the $600 price range. But some of the Leeds locals I talked to sort of laughed when I told them I flew into the Leeds airport. I guess some of them are not fond of it. They said they often will fly into Manchester and take a train over to Leeds.

It’s also very viable to fly into London and take a train from there. The train takes a few hours, isn’t terribly expensive, and you get to see the countryside. I’ll probably fly to Leeds (via the east coast, then London, then Leeds), and then on the way home take a train to London, and fly out of London.

I’m sure you could do the same from Glasgow and take a train south. I don’t know the cost of that train.

EDIT: Google has a pretty amazing Flight Finder. It helps you see what days are cheapest to fly on. It is easy to see if you can save money by extending or shortening your trip. It tells you if the tickets you are looking at are less than or greater than the average price for that flight at that time of the year. I recommend it.

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You’ll see that the train from King’s Cross to Leeds is only 2h 20m (trains are faster in the UK). The challenge is getting from Heathrow to King’s Cross. There is the underground, that will take about 50 minutes, or the Heathrow Express, which is 15 minutes to Paddington, then another 15 minutes via the underground to King’s Cross. Heathrow Express isn’t cheap though, something like $40. One nice thing with the underground is that you can get through turnstiles using contactless credt/debit cards, no need to buy expensive on the day tickets.

No road or boat tripping this time?

I’ll probably take a ferry from Rotterdam or Zeebrugge on monday evening. Anyone else coming from belgium or the Netherlands?