SketchUp DevCamp 2023 - Save the Date!

Hello SketchUp Developer Community! We are pleased to officially announce DevCamp 2023 in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

At this time we are still working on final details, but we want to share the information that is firmly in place.

Where: High Tech Campus, Eindhoven, Netherlands

When: 9 & 10 of October, 2023

Cost: Free to attend

This year we are opening up the agenda to have presentations from our attending developers - You! Please fill out this form with a quick description of a presentation you would like to give at DevCamp. You may submit more than one presentation idea.

We would also like to note that DevCamp is the same week as SketchUp 3DBaseCamp BENELUX. DevCamp will be on Monday and Tuesday, and 3DBaseCamp will be held on Friday. If you are interested in attending that event, please see the 3DBaseCamp event webpage for more information. We have a handful of discount codes for developers who want to attend DevCamp and 3DBaseCamp. Please contact us if you would like to purchase a discounted ticket.

Thank you so much, we hope to see you in Eindhoven!

The SketchUp Extensibility Team


Wow, 3 days of SketchUp ‘goodies’ in that week. :tada:

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Hi Chris & the team –

We are very much looking forward to attending Devcamp 2023 Eindhoven this October!

With about a month to go, would you please share more details, such as the time that the event starts and ends each day, the room name, and perhaps some agenda outline? Even if some slots are still to be filled.

This would facilitate our planning.

Also, I think it would be great if you each day could include a slot for an open discussion session.

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Hi @ChrisFullmer
I understood yesterday that you were going to send a registration form for those of us who want to attend the event.
Is the form going to be posted on this forum or sent via email?

Thank you!

Also please share the exact event address (and maybe suggested hotels?) so we can arrange the accommodation and transport.

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Thanks for the reminders! I made a new post with a link to the website and the registration form.

It is free to attend, but we do need people to register to let us know how many attendees to plan for (catering, group dinner, etc).

DevCamp WebSite

Registration Form

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Thanks @ChrisFullmer !!

Is there a preferred hotel folks are staying at?

Some developers are staying at Hotel Parkzicht.

We listed a few hotels on the website that were recommended to us. But we do not have any DevCamp discount to offer at any hotel.

The Extensibility Team will be staying at The Pullman Hotel.