3D Basecamp 2023 - Netherlands

Hey everyone

I just wanted to pop in here and mention that there is a 3D basecamp being held next week, friday the 13th of october 2023, in the Netherlands, in Eindhoven.

A few tickets are still available so if you are in the the region and you still have a spot in your agenda, it’s gonna be a fun day full of SketchUp topics and socializing!


It will be fun meeting you guys!
@TheOnlyAaron @mikebrightman @CAUL @Matheron

Will you also be at the Devcamp?

Unfortunately not…

It’s a pity, I would have liked to meet the Ifc guy in person. :wink:

I guess I was confused. There are two events? A dev camp and a basecamp?

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@MikeWayzovski – Thank you, likewise, we are all very much looking forward to the fun.

@RTCool – Yes, in the same building, there will be a smaller Devcamp on Monday and Tuesday, and then a bigger Basecamp on Friday.


Check the after movie here:

And photos:


Many familiar faces and the SAVE T-shirt were present! Looks like you had a lot of fun again…