SketchUp DevCamp 2024 - Save The Date!

Hello everybody!
We are pleased to officially announce the dates for DevCamp 2024. This year it will be located in the Trimble Head office in Westminster, Colorado, U.S.A

When: 6th, 7th and 8th of November, 2024

Cost: Free to attend

This year we are opening up the agenda to have presentations from our attending developers - You! Please fill out this form with a quick description of a presentation you would like to give at DevCamp. If you wish, you may submit more than one presentation idea.

We would also like to note that this year DevCamp is the week prior to SketchUp 3DBaseCamp in Vegas. Full details of 3D Basecamp can be found here

Thank you so much, we hope to see you in Westminster!

The SketchUp Extensibility Team


Is this indicating we will not be seeing 2024 until late this year?

I’ve never been to a devcamp, so to be honest I am more excited about this than even Basecamp this year.

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Hi @ntxdave this post relates purely to DevCamp 2024. It doesn’t relate to the release dates for SketchUp 2024.

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Thanks for the reply. I was thinking the DevCamp would maybe take place before the release so that other developers could get their software ready/synched for the release.

Again, thanks for the reply. :+1: