September 2022 Developer MeetUp - DevCamp and BaseCamp on the Horizon

Hello Developers, it is time for another Developer MeetUp, as promised on the first Wednesday of the month 2022-09-07T14:00:00Z. Let’s talk about Touch Interfaces!

September MeetUp - Pre DevCamp Sync

DevCamp 2022 is just a couple of weeks away! We are working on our final preparations and we are excited to see people in person again.

Let’s plan on using this Developer MeetUp to talk about DevCamp: Our plans, your plans, are you planning on attending?, etc.


Chris Fullmer and the entire Extensibility Team


Oh! I wanted to hear what’s planned, but I missed the meetup.
Any news / conclusions?

Really looking forward to 3DBasecamp!

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Main thing to know is that there will be presentations in the morning, til lunchtime, then in the afternoon the SketchUp team members will be available to talk over anything you like. That’s on Monday and Tuesday.