SketchUp DevCamp 2014


Who is coming to DevCamp 2014 in Athens (Greece) from Sept 29 to Oct 1st?

The Skalp team will be present!


I’ll be there! Woohoo!


I’ll be there. Looking forward to it!


Of course I will - it’s in the neighbourhood! (Read, Europe :wink: )


Indeed just around the corner.


I’ll be there as well!


It should be great. We hope to see many developers there!


If anyone would like more info on attending DevCamp 2014, send me a private message. This year we are holding the event in Greece, south of Athens from Sept 29th to Oct 1st.


Sounds nice and great to put a face behind an avatar. Also the perfect time to open source all my projects.

@Bryceosaurus can you send me the more info ? (didn’t find how to PM)


We like this! :smiley:

I owe you a beer or twenty for all your help - especially when I was tearing my hair out with Ruby C Extensions!


I’ll be there :slight_smile:
Looking forward to it


Hi @tbd

I sent you the site link via PM. Sorry I should have mentioned that you can only private message from a user’s profile page.

Great to also hear about you open sourcing your projects. I’m working on launching a dedicated open source page on the sketchUp site. I hope i can get it live before Dev Camp.



Great! I’ll be there. Looking for some C++ extensions sessions.


i’m coming :slight_smile: please include me.


I will be there. It is official now :smile:


Awesome! See you there!


Confirmed. Will be there from 28.sep so if anyone is flying to Athens from Munich let me know :wink: