Desperate for a Sketchup - Vray Renderfarm

I have hit the wall with vray rendering times and have heard about online renderfarms but have contacted a few and none seem to support sketchup vray. Can anyone suggest anyone ?

Looking for the same thing. I’m not restricted to using complete end user products, if something has to be built to make it work I’d be inclined to invest some time.

Have you checked
I never tried it, but a friend of mine did (to have them draw up a 3d plan from his 2d plan), and he said it was great. It’s not a service from a company, but individuals I believe who all post their services.

Hey I know its been a while but try Renderwow its free right now anyways so it doesnt hurt. They have been working for my sketchup vray renders.

According to the website, it uses a “Pay-on-demand” system, so I wouldn’t think it was free?

Was free for beta testing but they recently just released at the beginning of October. But you still get $5 when you sign up and you can use that towards your renderings!

And how much does a typical vray render cost?

Depends on your settings you are using to render, it’s $0.02 / GHZ*Hour

I don’t know what that is.

It can be useful for you. I have a studio that renders this rendering service. It’s more geared towards immunity releases. But it might help. Visit our website, see our portfolio and ask for a quote.

Vray is supported by some top online render farms, I have an experience with it, you can use some render farms like fox, render it, or my personal favorite vfxfarm Render Farm.

Hope it helps.

A list of officially authorized V-Ray render farms is available at V-Ray – Render Farms | Chaos
Cloud rendering is another alternative directly integrated in V-Ray for SketchUp’s interface: Chaos Cloud – Cloud Rendering Made Simple | Chaos

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