Help with sketch up free and vray

Hey Guys!

I’m hoping I can get some advice, I am a recent graduate in interior design and have begun a free lance journey into selling interior concept designs. We used Sketch Up Make in university and all of a sudden, its gone. Its been about a year or so since I stopped using it. I bought VRAY ready to use on sketch up, as I did in university and I am now stuck as I can not figure out a way to render with VRAY on Sketch Up Free.

I have also used my savings to pay for VRAY and I can not buy Sketch Up Pro. So… Please can you advise me on the following.

Can you render with VRAY on Sketch Up Free?
Are there any discount codes to help me buy my subscription of Sketch Up Pro?
Can Sketch Up offer a monthly subscription which is more affordable?

Thank you x

For that you need to be using SketchUp Pro. The free web version is not licensed for the commercial work you are doing with it. Using SketchUp Free in your freelance business violates the terms of use agreement.

In addition, the free version has no implementation to use extensions like Vray for SketchUp.


Thank you for your response! My goal is to do freelance work, however I have not started yet and was wanting to get a portfolio together using Sketch Up and Vray.

I used to use Sketch Up Make in University, where has this gone? as I was able to render on there. I am wanting to purchase Sketch Up Pro, Thank you for advising that that is the one I need. Do you know of any Promo Codes or discount codes which can help me purchase the subscription?

Thank you!

SketchUp 2017 Make is available here but it also isn’t for commercial work.

You can get a subscription to SketchUp Pro for $299 USD. Spread out of the course of a year, that’s pretty cheap. I don’t know of any promo codes at the moment.

Since you’ve purchased Vray already, I assume you bought the current version. I don’t believe it’ll work with SU2017. You might as well bite the bullet and get the subscription and get on with it. Consider it part of the cost of doing business.

It sounds like I definitely need Sketch Up Pro! it is pretty cheap for most people I agree, I just spent my savings on VRAY assuming I could use Sketch Up Make like I did in university, but that’s not the case. so I don’t have enough funds to buy Sketch Up Pro. Do you know if you can split the annual $299 into monthly bills instead? or is it just one payment of $299 for the whole year?

Thank you!

You could repay your credit card with monthly installments. :frowning:

I don’t have a credit card! haha. It did cross my mind to get one though! but it’s okay. I’ll wash some cars or something hehe.

As far as I know it’s just one payment for the annual subscription.

Personally I would get a refund on v-ray, buy SU pro and render with one of the free or cheap options.


This is a pretty good resolution, I didn’t think of that! I do love VRAY though! I haven’t got much experience in any other ones x

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