SketchUp Studio/Vray bundle promo

The price now for SketchUp Studio bundled with Vray is $699 as a ‘Promo’ price. What will the price be when the promo is over for SketchUp Studio bundled with Vray? I am assuming an annual renewal of both is required?

That would be 670 dollars, so not sure how much the pointcloud extension would be worth?

Hi Mike. Thank you. I was actually curious to know what the price will be for the SketchUp Studio/Vray bundle when the current promo of $699 ends. I am assuming this promo is only for the first year of a subscription then it goes to a higher price.

Can students get a discount rate for vray through their subscription in sketchup

All students can have discounts, it doesn’t matter if you have SketchUp or not, as a student, you get access to a collection suite:

I meant the promo SketchUp has with vray being included in studio subscription, can students get the access to vray as well with studio subscription?

No, they do have access to Sefaira, instead of Scan Essentials/V-Ray, though. Probably to prevent commercial (mis) usage.