Desperate: Can not login to pro 2022, I have a license til may 2023

Hi there,
I need some help. For hours now I can not open my Sketchup Pro 2022 on Mac. Everytime the program asks me to sign in or add classic license. Sometimes I get the message that there are technical issues. But most of the times he asks me to sign in and then to ‘launch browser again’ or to add classic license. As I’m having an annual license til may 23 I can press the ‘subscription plan’ button.
When I go to the Trimble website online I also see my license til may 23.

I tried to download the program again, but nothing helps. I also tried to press manage device - deautorisize all but nothing works. I’m quit desperate for the moment as I have this problem for almost 6 hours now and I really need to work.

Can someone please help me?

Thanks in advance.

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